The Kintz's

The Kintz's

Saturday, April 2, 2011

34 Weeks!!!!

So it has been FOREVER since my last post. I always forget to post on here but now that we are closing in I figure I better start writing more often. VERY exciting things to come in the new two months. I have 6 weeks remaining in pregnancy until we get to meet this sweet little boy. I cant wait to meet him because I have been feeling him NON stop and I want to know what in the world he has been doing in there. Mike says he is just ready to get out!!!!! Here is what I have been feeling lately:

  • VERY excited to finally hold him and love on him!!!

  • Somewhat nervous about the actual labor process AND whether I will make a good mommy! So much to do!

  • Ready to have everything together- already put together swing, bouncy seat, etc. even though he won't use it all right away. haha

  • I sit in his room and just look around picturing what life will be like with our family of three.

  • Enjoying the quiet time that we have left :)

  • Emotional- Have many ups and downs throughout the day

  • Tired- work is becoming harder and harder each day to stay motivated by 7th period

  • Swollen feet and ankles- I have to ice them and elevate them nightly from standing too much

  • I find myself constantly when I am home reading about the baby and labor and figure its probably from being a bit nervous about everything to come.

  • Have been having crazy dreams about the baby (and about my sister Carrie getting pregnant- except shes not pregnant- WEIRD?!?!)

  • HUNGRY!!!!! I eat non stop but I cant eat a large meal because I get full really quick. I think I am actually living to eat right now because food just always sounds good. Have been eating watermelon and fruit like it is going out of style. In less than a week Mike and I went through an entire whole watermelon--- YUMM!!!

  • Tyler has taken a new position in the ribs- he likes to get all nestled up in there and I have to sit up because lying down only makes him snuggle up there more.

  • Shortness of breath- I work on the 3rd floor and climb the 6 flights of stairs multiple times daily and it gets to me every time. I have to take a breather when I get to the top. My students ask why I do not just take the elevator which is right outside of my classroom but I explain I am trying to stay as active as possible and stay in shape. Its good for me.

  • Clean- I have been wanting to clean! I cleaned my entire house over spring break (like cleaned closets, cabinets, etc) then went to school and while my students were completing bellwork I walked around with wipes dusting my room. My students also laughed at that.

  • REALLY REALLY BIG- Clothes are getting more and more uncomfortable. As soon as I walk in at night I put on one of Mikes really big t-shirts and just wear it around the house. Im all about some comfort though. I have been wearing my black slip on tennis shoes my mom bought me with my black dress pants bc I just cant stand much else on my feet besides flip flops.

  • Basketball- Everyone I see tells me it looks like I have a big basketball under my shirt. They say my belly is the only place that has grown- but boy I have them fooled. haha. I noticed the makings of a double chin the other day- now I am walking around like a giraffe trying to stretch it out so I dont look like a double chin person. I still remember in high school when a teacher had a double chin and someone told them that they had something on their chin and when they wiped it off they said, "No, the other chin". haha.

  • Overall- I AM READY and I think Mike is ready!!!! Bring on this sweet baby boy and let me just snuggle up with him already!!! :) Daddy and I cant wait to meet you Tyler Daniel Kintz!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry that was a lot but I just started typing away everything I could think of. It has been a wonderful 34 weeks so far. Cant believe we are to the countdown now. I have 14 more days of work and then I am taking off to relax a bit before baby comes. Although everyone at work says they think I will end up having the baby early as soon as I take off- we shall see! I will be sure to keep posted over the next few weeks and Mike will be making the calls and texts when he makes his debut in this world! :) ----Excited/Nervous/Anxious Mommy to Be


  1. So So excited for you both. I remember Mike talking to us about the both of you wanting a baby the day we met! :) AAAAnd NOW the little baby is almost here!!! Can't wait to see pictures of sweet little Tyler.