The Kintz's

The Kintz's

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cover your ears...

So, I have decided that Baby Kintz does NOT like loud noises! I went to church on Sunday morning feeling wonderful walking into church and even the first ten minutes. Once the music started (and it was loud) I started getting this horrible cramp/sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I got up and walked out and it stopped.. Went back in and it started again. Once the music stopped and the preaching began it stopped again. I did not feel that pain again until I was in 5th period yesterday and my 5th period is out of control. They were soo loud and boom the cramp started again. In trying to figure out what was going on, I realized that Baby Kintz must be trying to tell me that the music and noise is not what it wants!!!! Or maybe he/she is trying to dance around like mommy always does when music is on! Either we have a dancer or someone who is very sensitive to music!!!!!!! We shall see....

What else is new at 17 weeks????
The clothes are fitting tighter and tighter each week! STILL feeling wonderful and no complaints to report. Ever since I have been pregnant, I have been cold non stop. I used to sleep in tank top night gowns and be just fine. Ever since Ive been pregnant I sleep in pants, nightgown, snuggie, socks, etc.. For some reason my body cannot heat up and now with this weather of 40 degrees, I am really freezing. Not sure how I am going to make it in Ohio for Christmas but guess I will have to get over it. Other than that, life is wonderful. :)

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