The Kintz's

The Kintz's

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall and Football

I Love FALL!!!! Last weekend I went to breakfast at Appleton's which is a hole in the wall mom and pop type place where they decorate every inch of it for the holdiays. As you walk in mummys are making noises and lighting up as things are popping out at you. My mom, sister, niece, and myself all went and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast while taking in the scenery. After that we all went and bought new Halloweeen/Fall decorations for my house. I came home and decorated the house and ate caramel apples. It was the perfect start. The only part missing was the cooler temperatures. However; this week in the morning and late evenings it dropped to about 65 degrees which is a lot cooler than usual. During mid-day it was still upper 80's or so but better than the HOTT summer.

Every Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday during the fall we get to watch football. I love it because usually we cheer for different teams so I am downstairs watching the Razorbacks while he is upstairs watching Ohio State and we can hear eachother cheering/yelling from the opposite place. We often come together on Sundays for the Colts even though he is not a huge fan. I still cant believe the Colts lost last week by a 59 yard field goal. However; they WILL WIN today. I get so into the games and find myself screaming at the tv and jumping up and down when they are about to score! So today I am going to make myself some waffles and enjoy the nice fall day watching NFL football! GO COLTS!!!!

One last thing that I am SOOO excited about.... Mike and I do not get to see eachother much during football season because I coach cheerleading and intramurels at my school which takes my weeknights away and he has football Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday mornings. He is also going to be coaching basketball this year which means even less time together. Therefore; he booked us a little weekend getaway to the beach. He rented us a house to stay in that is directly on the beach. We can sit out back and each dinner while looking at the waves crash. We will be going there October 22-24 because Mike does not have football all weekend. I cant wait to relax on the beach while spending time with my husband!!! :)