The Kintz's

The Kintz's

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Live Each Day to the Fullest

Live each day to the fullest- you never know when it will be the last! Until I was 24 years old, I had never had anyone in my family pass away. This year it has all hit. In February my Great-Grandmother who I loved so very much passed away without any notice. She was feeling great and said it was probably the best she had felt in a long time, walked to dinner and after dinner just passed away in her chair. She went very peacefully and for that I am grateful, but I miss her so much!!!! In July my Grandpa Chauncey passed away after a long couple years of struggling. He had not sat up from his bed or talked in two or three days until my parents flew into town and my aunt and uncle flew into town. All three of his children were in his hospital room and he sat up and stared at all of them without saying a word and laid back down and he was gone! I guess he felt comforted knowing he got to see his children one last time. I miss his also!

Last night I got a phone call while sleeping from my mother who was very upset. Come to find out one of her best lifetime friends, Julie Dubler, had lost her husband last night. I feel as though they are family as I have known them my entire life and we have vacationed together and they came to our wedding, etc. He went out for a jog and upon returning had a heart attack and was found in their yard by their 5th grade daughter. Such a sad story! My heart is hurting for their family today.

It definitely hit me this year that you need to live life to its fullest and stop each day and take in all the wonderful things and people you are blessed with. I did not write this to bring others down or make them upset, I am writing this as a positive to get out there and enjoy life! There is not enough time to get angry over every little thing or get caught up in the small stuff. Enjoy life because you never know when it could be over!

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