The Kintz's

The Kintz's

Monday, July 26, 2010

Key West Family Vacation 2010

On Tuesday July 20, 2010 we took off for Key West, Florida. Mom and dad had decided that they wanted to take all of their children and their significant others on a vacation since we have not done so since I was 18 years old. We stopped and stayed in Miami on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning we left Miami. Mom and dad rented a house for us siblings to stay in while they had a hotel room for the two of them. We had such a wonderful trip! The first day we went and laid by the pool at the hotel and then explored Key West. Our cab driver told us of a local restaurant that served all you can eat crab legs and we decided to try it out. We thought it may not be that great since it is all you can eat, boy were we wrong. It was AMAZING. We all seemed to agree that it was the best crab!! We sat there for a good two hours eating. We then walked all over Key West and listened to some live bands play. On Thursday we rented scooters. This was the eventful day. We each had our own scooters so there were 8 of us trying to keep up together driving down the roads of Key West. About 20 minutes into the ride, I was trying to back my scooter out of my parking spot and accidentally pushed the gas. It took off and I flew along with it ramping a curb. As soon as I thought I had it under control and the scooter was laying on top of me, I accidentally pulled the gas again trying to pick up the scooter and off it went again dragging me along behind it into a telephone pole. I have a thing for poles because a few months ago I ran into a metal pole and knocked my teeth out. However; I was alright this time just scratched and bruised up. The scooter had some minor damage and we continued on our ride. We decided after about 5 hours of stopping at every stoplight we wanted some open road to just go as fast as we could. We decided to go on the main highway over the bridge to enter Key West. Hunter took the lead and was flying so fast down the 55 mph highway at about 25-30 mph while Mike took the caboose only going about 15-20 mph because his scooter was broken. All 8 of us were spread out in a single file line driving down the lane of the major highway. Dad and Mike decided after about 8 miles to pull off because they could not catch everyone. We were trying to get up to Hunter to tell him to turn around but he was just flying down the highway. Finally, we all decided to turn around and go find Mike and dad. As we were heading back after about 9 miles on the highway, we hear police sirens and lights pulling us over. We look ahead and dad and Mike are on the side of the road with another cop. They told us how dangerous it was to be doing what we were doing and how we were not allowed to be on that main highway. No tickets were issued but they escorted us all the way back to the island. What an adventure! We went back and hung by the pool before hitting up an all you can eat buffet on Duval Street. This night us siblings headed back to the house and stayed up until about 4 am playing the one and only "Loaded Questions". This was the night Hurricane Bonnie was supposed to roll through Key West but never showed up. On our last day in Key West we ate lunch at Willy T's on Duval street and then went shopping a bit. We decided to do the pool one more day and then get ready for our fancy dinner. Dad made reservations at Braza Lena which is a Brazilian steakhouse. They treated us to a wonderful dinner and desserts!!!! We then went back to the hotel and played Apples to Apples as a family. The next morning we drove back home and got some much needed rest! It was an excellent trip and I hope we can do this every year! It was so nice to just have our original Witter family with our significant others! :)

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