The Kintz's

The Kintz's

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jimmy Buffett.... Under the Big Top

On April 24, 2010 Jimmy Buffett started his new tour "Under the Big Top". Mike and I have tried going to three concerts since we have been married and this is the first we finally made it to. Although it is Mike's 33rd time to see Buffett, it was my first! We went down with Matt and Ashley, Ryan and Mel, Sara and Rusty. The eight of us drove to Tampa around 10 am on Saturday morning. We hung out at the pool of our hotel all day enjoying ourselves playing corn hole, catch phrase, and loaded questions. We soaked up quite a bit of sun and had an excellent day! Then we all showered up and got on the hotel shuttle to the concert. Once arriving at the concert, we walked around and admired all the CRAZY tailgaters. We decided we were so glad we hung out at the pool instead after seeing the horrible port-a-potties and people stumbling around sick. We had lawn seats so we were quite a ways from the stage, but the music was fantastic. His encore song, Tin Cup Chalice, is one of mine and Mike's favorite songs so we were so happy he played it. Mike and I danced the night away from slow songs to fast jumping up and down songs. He also covered a Kenny Chesney song, Back Where I Come From. I have been to several concerts, but this had to be one of the best ever! I now know what all of Mikes friends talk about saying Buffett is one of the best entertainers!! If you get a chance to go, even if you are not a huge fan, GO!!!

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